Gilson College Career Development

Career Development at Gilson College

Career Development at Gilson College

For a number of years prior, ‘Careers’ was a subject delivered to Year 10 students only, to assist with Work Experience and transition to senior secondary schooling. However, this course failed to expose students to the importance of what is referred to as the ‘High Five of Career Development’, which are simple and powerful messages from Career Practitioners that help children who do not yet have an answer to the question: What are you going to be when you grow up? These concepts include the following:

  1. Change is constant - embrace it! Recognise that the world around is constantly changing. Be open to change and remain alert to new opportunities.
  2. Learning is ongoing. Strive for continuous personal improvement. Stay motivated by learning new skills and developing new talents.
  3. Focus on the journey. Don't focus on one destination only. Recognise that a career journey will be throughout a lifetime. Appreciate and value each experience along the way.
  4. Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Pursue a passion to find fulfilment. Discover ways to combine interests with career opportunities.
  5. Access your allies. Rely on the support of family, friends, mentors, colleagues and peers. Career success can be a team effort.

As a result, in 2014 Gilson College embarked, with the Careers Education Association of Victoria (, to create a new programme for 2015 implementation, that would expose students to the ever-changing world of the workplace, and aim to allow students to develop the skills, flexibility, and resolve required to adapt & grow in this ever-changing world. As such, the new ‘Career Development’ course was created.

This course allows all students, once a week, to focus on their own personal growth. Career Development aims to give students an opportunity to discover more about who they are as a person & where their strengths may lay, and the resources to empower them to connect this to their potential futures. This is done through 6 separate stages, derived from the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework:

  • Year 7: ‘I Discover’
  • Year 8: ‘I Explore’
  • Year 9: ‘ I Focus’
  • Year 10: ‘I Plan’ (includes Work Experience)
  • Year 11: ‘I Decide’
  • Year 12: “I Apply’

Throughout the year as they arise, students may be invited to attend career-focused excursions that can be of assistance to their future plans. In order to do this, students (once informed), will need to complete an expression of interest to attend the excursion, explaining how their attendance will progress their career aspirations. This document can be found here.